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Mine Brother's CO as seen in the war Games Lobby

Overview Edit

Welcome to War Games! If you are new to the game or wanted to learn new things to help you gain the upper hand, you have come to the right place! The War Games wikia is designed to document many things related to War Games including game mechanics, tips and tricks, and weapons! Unfortunately War Games is no longer being maintained and pages won't be updated as much anymore. Anyways here are some things to consider as you play War Games:
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A leaderboard in the lobby for players who have purchased the most Diamonds.

Mine Brothers Co Edit

Mine Brother's CO is the shop that sells diamonds which are the premium currency in War Games which can be used to purchase anything that can also be purchased in Gold, there are no exlcusive items that can be purchased in Diamonds. Diamonds can be earned through daily gifts and if you kill enough players IN A ROUND, you start geting a few diamonds for every player you kill. Diamonds can also be purchased with ROBUX

 Kill to Death Ratio (KDR) Edit

KDR Leaderboard

KDR leaderboard found in the lobby.

KDR is the amount of kills you have to the amount of deaths you receive. In War Games, deaths are only added to your KDR when a player lowers your health to 0 with a weapon and when you die by other means including falling out of the world or at the end of the game to respawn into the lobby. KDR was added in War Games version 1.13.