"Guns R Us is a family-friendly neighborhood munitions dealer. To make the boring fact of purchasing giant killing machines more interesting, they sell their guns lottery-style."

Overivew Edit

Gun R Us is the gun store in War Game where gun permits are sold either with Gold or Diamonds and were you get diamonds is either randomly by killing other players or buying them with ROBUX at the Mine Brothers CO stand.

What are gun permits? Edit

Gun Permits randomly award you a gun instead of having players purchasing specific. The more expensive permit you purchase, the higher chance you have of acquiring a legendary weapon (except for common gun permits).

Common Gun Premit Edit

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"Mostly Unboxes Common Weapons with a small chance of unboxing an uncommon or rare."

Common gun permits are the cheapest in War Games. they cost only 100 gold.

Uncommon Gun Permit Edit

Uncommon Gun Permit

"Higher chance of unboxing uncommon and rare items with a tiny chance to unbox legendary items."

Uncommon gun permits cost 250 gold or 25 diamonds. You are most likely to unbox a common from this gun permit, a medium chance of an uncommon and a tiny chance of a rare or legendary.

Rare gun permit Edit

Rare Gun Permit

"High chance of unboxing uncommons. More likely to unbox rares x2 chance to unbox legendaries.

Rare gun permits cost 1500 gold or 250 diamonds. You have a high chance of unboxing uncommon or rare tier guns. You can't unbox a common from this & you are 2x more likely to unbox a legendary than an uncommon gun permit.

Legendary Gun Permit Edit

Legendary Gun Permit

"Guaranteed uncommon or rare with a 12x chance to unbox a legendary"

Legendary Gun Permit costs 5000 gold. This is the most powerful gun permit in War Games. Berezaa announced on twitter that you could only get rare or higher in legendries but the description says otherwise. Players get really upset due to the fact of only rare items in these permits or there's several legendries but you unbox a rare, This often happen because you have too little Intellect. Recommended Intellect: 2,500???