Overview Edit

Missions are objectives that your player is offered one at a time. Missions reward the player with diamonds, gold, intel and XP upon completion. Like guns, Missions have tiers too and the higher the tier, the less of a chance you have of receiving it but harder and grants higher rewards.

Common Missions Edit

  • Brawler - kill 8 enemies in FFA rounds
  • Cleanup Crew - kill 3-6 people as Army Ranger or Spetsnaz Gru (either one is chosen for you)
  • Soldier - kill 12 enemies in deathmatch
  • Specialist - kill 10 enemies as Russian VDV or Navy SEAL (either one is chosen for you)
  • Swordfighter - kill 7 people in swordfight

Uncommon Missions Edit

  • Cake Walk - get 5 kills as the commando in commando
  • Killer - kill 32 players in any gamemode
  • Skirmisher - get 25 kills in Skirmish

Rare Missions Edit

  • Cheater Cheater - kill 5 enemies on tilebreak during sudden death
  • For Russia - kill 35 enemies as Spetsnaz Gru
  • BuzzKill - kill the commando in a commando round

Legendary Missions Edit

  • Consistent Pwnage - kill five enemies in one life six times
  • True Maxtrist- kil seven enemies in one life as Spetznaz Gru