Overview Edit

During War Game's short life, Berezaa slipped in a few updates before ultimately giving up War Games. This page contains changelogs written by Berezaa which were copied and pasted from the game page before taken down. Here are the changes Berezaa has made to War Games since its official release:

UPDATE 1.2 (2/26/2016) Edit

  • 40+ new character items to make your soldier stand out!
  • New Attire Permit and Fashion Permit to obtain rare clothing
  • Five new uniforms added (Officer III-VI, Frostarian Uniform & Legendary Lord Commander)
  • You can now unbox character items! Unboxed items will appear in the "My Soldier" tab!
  • Cheater badge is now properly awarded
  • New robust anti-AFK system detects if autoclickers, etc. are being used.
  • Double XP feature added. Will be used for events.

UPDATE 1.15 (2/12/2016) Edit

  • - HUGE improvements to saving!
  • - New legendary S47 ICE weapon.
  • - New clan levels!
  • - Daily gift exploit patched & intel wiped.
  • - 2 new badges
  • - New legendary mission!
  • - All missions now award diamonds!
  • - Increased diamond drop chance from kills.

 Update 1.1.3 (2/4/2016) Edit

  • "New "Tilebreak" gamemode!
  • Clans can now be synced to War Games!
  • K/D and Clan leaderboards added
  • New rare weapon: Paintball Gun
  • 3 rare missions added
  • Saving system improved (Berezaa fixed save issues that users had soon after official release)

UPDATE 1.3 (5/30/2016) Edit

  • The prices of all permits have been significantly lowered
  • Common and Legendary permits can no longer be purchased with diamonds
  • Lobby GUI now appears at the bottom of the screen so as not to interfere with voting GUI
  • Zooming into first person has been disabled. This game is meant to be played in third person.
  • Leveling up requires significantly less XP.
  • Improvements to saving system.